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Film 和 Digital Video Production Emphasis

School of Arts 和 Sciences



  • 戏剧的核心
  • 24个单元
  • THR 200: Stagecraft
  • 3

Through h和s-on experiences this course will introduce the practical application of theatrical design principles including techniques 和 practices of 技术 organization, set construction, 照明 preparation, 服装 construction, 化妆 application, 和 sound preparation. 实验室费用:50美元.

  • THR 210: Introduction to Theatrical 设计
  • 3

As an introduction to the theories 和 principles of theatrical design, this course will emphasize the holistic 和 scenographic approach, while exploring set, 照明, 服装, 化妆, 和 sound design with 导演/ designer collaboration. 实验室费用:50美元.

  • THR 251: Introduction to 剧院
  • 3

这门课 will provide an overview of the various conventions, 形式, 风格, 和 genres of the theatre, including principles of play analysis 和 exploration of theatre criticism from dramaturgical, 文学, 和 cultural perspectives through the thematic 讨论ions of representative plays. There may be an additional charge for required field trips.

  • THR 261: 代理 I
  • 3

As an introduction to basic acting techniques, this course will examine ways to construct the interior, 物理, 和 vocal life of a character, teach warm-up procedures 和 staging principles including scene analysis, performance of monologues, 和 improvisations. There may be an additional charge for field trips.

  • THR 341: Advanced Script Analysis
  • 3

As an advanced study of selected plays from the st和point of the theatre artist (actor, 导演, 设计师), this course will look at the process of translating a dramatic text to theatrical production. An emphasis will be placed upon the techniques of perception, 想象力, 和 integration used in developing a concept 和 determining specific performance 和 design choices with the application of analysis through projects 和 presentations. Offered alternate years.

  • THR 351: Play Direction I
  • 3

这门课 will introduce students to the following techniques: play selection 和 analysis, 试镜, scene design 和 staging, 演员指导, rehearsal strategies, 和 production management. Both the principles for proscenium 和 the open stage will be 讨论ed along with the presentation 和 evaluation of workshop scenes. 先决条件: 251年用力推261年用力推262年用力推341年用力推 or consent of instructor.

  • THR 390: Practicum: 剧院 (剧院主要)
  • 2

这门课, intended for students in the theatre major, 是实用的, h和s-on learning experience where student will work on one or more theatre department productions.

  • THR 489: 剧院: Professional Preparation
  • 1

这门课 will explore the skills 和 materials needed for the professional theatre artist as students create a portfolio, 的简历, 和 other necessary items to prepare for a career in the arts. A Lab fee is required.

  • Choose 1 of the following courses:
  • ENG 387: Modern 和 Contemporary Drama
  • 3

In this course students will read, critically analyze, 讨论, 和 evaluate selected plays from 1890 through the 21st century, including such dramatists as Ibsen, 奥尼尔, 皮兰德娄, 洛尔卡, 米勒, 威廉姆斯, 和艾碧. Attending a performance may be required. 先决条件: 201年英格 or 201年曾 or 202年曾. Offered alternate years.

  • ENG 466: Shakespeare
  • 3

Critical reading 和 analysis of selected examples of Shakespeare's histories, 喜剧, 和 tragedies will be the focus of this course. 先决条件:201年英格 or 201年曾 or 202年曾), 271年英格.

  • Film 和 Digital Video Production Emphasis
  • 26 - 27日单位
  • COM 412: Media 和 Script Writing
  • 3

这门课 will examine script 写作 for radio, television 和 电影 with projects including announcements, 广告, 新闻, 特性, 纪录片, 喜剧, 和 game 和 music shows.

  • ENG 389: Film as Literature
  • 3

An intensive study of 电影s 和 screenplays as literature, this course will emphasize the elements unique to the genre within the context of the modern 文学 world. 先决条件: 201年英格 or 201年曾 or 202年曾.

  • FDVP 330: Film 和 Digital Video Production
  • 3

Pre-production, planning, scripting, principal photography will be done for the 电影 project. Emphasizes 照明, camera operation, sound recording 和 directing. Students complete 2 projects: visual & 叙述. 并修课程: FDVP 335.

  • FDVP 335: Editing Principles 和 Techniques
  • 3

Students study the basic principles 和 aesthetics of editing 电影, video, 和 digital media, with practical experience in Final Cut Pro lab through the completion of short editing projects. 并修课程: FDVP 330.

  • FDVP 361: Producing Narrative Short Films
  • 3

Students will study the evolution of 叙述 short 电影 development, critiquing both Western & International short 电影s. Each student will work as crew on a short 电影 while directing, 写作, 生产, shooting or editing an introductory level 叙述 fiction short 电影 themselves. 先决条件: FDVP 330FDVP 335.

  • FDVP 362: Documentary Production
  • 3

Students view 和 analyze a variety of 纪录片 over the past century for style 和 content. Working in small production groups, 学生的计划, script, 生产, 和 edit several short 纪录片 productions. 先决条件: FDVP 330FDVP 335.

  • FDVP 455: History of Film
  • 3

这门课 provides a survey of 电影 history, covering the birth of 电影 out of photography in the 1890s, its commercial expansion, first great actors 和 导演s, artistic development in German expressionism 和 Soviet montage, the advent of sound in the 1920s, 和 the beginning of the golden years of Hollywood before 和 during World War II through to the present. Students will develop a historical appreciation of 电影, exploring 叙述, 纪录片, 和 experimental 形式 和 acquire the critical, 技术, 和 aesthetic vocabulary related to cinematic practices 和 structures.

  • FDVP 490: Internship: Film 和 Digital Video Production
  • 3

Offers students an opportunity to credit 和 learn professional skills “on the job” by working for a studio, 网络, production company, 编辑部等. A minimum of forty (40) hours of work for each unit is required. 先决条件: junior or senior st和ing.

  • Choose 1 of the following courses:
  • ARTG 471: Video Art
  • 3

In this studio course, students will create relationships between image 和 sound by using the time-based medium of video with an emphasis on students developing strong concepts for their projects 和 learning to create a storyboard, 电影, 和 edit video art pieces together using Adobe Premiere 和 Adobe After Effects. 课程费用:50美元. This class is offered alternate years in the spring semester. 先决条件: ARTG 271 or consent of instructor.

  • ARTG 473: Motion Graphics
  • 3

Students will go through the various stages of creating a title sequence for a 电影 in this course as they create several projects including storyboards, 样片, 和 one full-motion sequence, learning to use the best technique that better serves the idea. 课程费用:50美元. 这门课 is offered every spring semester. 先决条件: ARTG 361 or consent of instructor.

  • MUS 216: Music Technology I
  • 2

An introduction to music technology hardware 和 software, focusing on the tools 和 methods used to create, prepare 和 perform music. Topics include MIDI, digital audio workstations, score preparation, live performance systems, 和 methods of music production. Students will participate in h和s-on projects in which they will apply their underst和ing of basic music technology principles. Students should be able to read musica notation.

  • THR 451: Play Direction II
  • 3

As a continuation of 351年用力推, this course will deepen students' knowledge 和 skills in the theory 和 practice of stage directing including 导演/designer collaboration; analysis of period style 和 genre with application to 导演s' choices; analysis of modern 和 contemporary theories of the stage; 和 artistic direction 和 dramaturgy in the contemporary theatre. Workshop scenes are presented 和 evaluated. There may be an additional charge for required field trips. 先决条件: 351年用力推 or consent of instructor.

  • THR 498: 剧院 Showcase
  • 3

这种先进的, thesis-style course will require intensive, h和s-on activity at an advanced level under the supervision of a faculty member. 先决条件: theatre major, 高级的地位, 和 application approval by the theatre faculty (also see 剧院 Showcase Guidelines available in the 剧院 Office).

  • WRT 337: Writing for the Stage 和 Screen
  • 3

An introductory course to the art of 写作 dramatic works through the exploration of dramatic 写作 techniques through 写作 practice, close analysis of published works, 和 student workshops. 先决条件: 关于102年 or 关于201年.

Current students, please note: The requirements listed here may not reflect the most current courses for this major 和 may not be the requirements for the catalog year you are following to complete your major. Please refer to the Academic Catalog for official requirements you must meet to qualify for a degree.